N30P is destined to measure: a.c. voltage, a.c. current, active, reactive and apparent power, cos φ, tg φ, φ, frequency, active, reactive and apparent energy, 15 min. active power, 10 min. voltage, 10 sec. frequency in single-phase power network Special Features Measurement of single-phase netword parameters: voltage, current, active, reactive and apparent power , cos φ, tg φ, φ, frequency,active,reactive and apparent energy, 15 minutes active power,10 minutes voltage,10 second frequency. 3-colour display 4 alarm outputs
  • Dimension: 96x48 mm
  • Voltage: 85~253 V AC/DC,20~40 V AC/DC
  • CT Secondary: 1A/5A
  • PT Secondary: 100 ~400 V
  • Display: 5 digit LED display
  • Communication: RS-485
  • IP: from rear side: IP10
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  • Measured Quantity:
  • V, I , W, Var,VA, cos φ, tg φ, φ, F, T
  • Measuring Range:
  • Current: 0.025...6 A a.c. Voltage: 2.0...480 V a.c. Frequency: 45...66...100 Hz Active Power: -2.88 kW...1.40 W...2.88 kW Reactive Power:-2.88 kvar...1.40 var...2.88 kvar Apparent Power: 1.4VA...2.88KVA Cos φ:-1...0...1 Tangens φ: -1.2...0...1.2 φ: 0...359 Current Time: 1...23.59 h
  • Operating temperature:
  • -25~55°C
  • outputs:
  • 0~10V,0~20mA

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