These are the programmable meters with multicolour bargraph indicators NA3 is destined to measure and recording D.C. Current or D.C. Voltage, temperature, resistance and other non-electrical magnitudes like: level, flow, pressure, humidity Special Features Universal input for the measurement of d.c. current, d.c. voltage and temperature 3 or 7-colour bargraph Programming of bargraph colour depending on the measured quantity value Signalling of set alarm value over flow Storage of measured signal in programmed time segments (750 samples) Current or voltage analog output Communication in SCADA systems (RS485/Modbus interface RTU and ASCII)
  • Dimension: 96x24 mm
  • Voltage: 95~253 V AC/DC, 20~40 V AC/DC
  • Display: 3 or 7-colour bargraph
  • Communication: RS485/Modbus interface RTU and ASCII
  • IP: from frontal side:IP40,from terminal side:IP20
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  • Measured Quantity:
  • D.C. Current /Voltage, Temperature, Resistance
  • Measuring Range:
  • Temperature: Pt100,Pt500,Pt1000(-200...850°C) Resistance: 0...400 Ω, 0...4000 Ω Voltage: 0...60 mV ,0...3 V,0...10 V,0...200 V, 0... 600 V Current:0...5 mA,0...20 mA, 0...2 A, 0...5 A
  • outputs:
  • 0~10V,0~20mA
  • Operating temperature:
  • -10~55°C

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