It Programmable Transducer of 3-Phase Power Network Parameters Special Features Measurement and conversion of power network parameters in 4-wire balanced or unbalanced systems. Tetraquadran􀀏c energy measurement (Ep+, Ep-, EQL, EQc). Measurement of 15, 30 or 60 minutes’ mean acti􀀏ve power (synchroniza􀀏on by an internal clock or a walking window) with the archiving func􀀏on of 1000 last samples. Programmable current and voltage transformer ra􀀏os. Programmable parameters through the RS-485 interface or USB when using the free LPCon program. RS-485 communica􀀏on interface with MODBUS protocol. Detec􀀏on and signalling of incorrect phase sequence. THD measurement.
  • Voltage: 85~253 V AC , 90~320 V DC, 20~60 V DC ,20~40 V AC
  • CT Secondary: 1A/5A
  • PT Secondary: 100 ~400 V
  • Communication: RS-485 Modbus , USB 1.1/ 2.0
  • IP: for casing: IP40 ,for terminals: IP10
  • Measured Quantity:
  • Current,Voltage,Frequency,Acti􀀏ve power,Reacti􀀏ve power,Apparent power,Tangens,Power factor,energy,THD
  • Outputs Ranges:
  • -20...0..20 mA
  • Operating temperature:
  • -10~55°C
  • Frequency range:
  • 47 ~ 63 Hz

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