Gamma 30 Adapter has LCD-segment-display unit and 4 keys. Nearly all parameters can be set manually or by means of the interface via a PC. In On-line mode (on address) the adapter transfers data received from multi meter (without storing in its internal memory) to a PC over RS-232 serial interface.It is a Data logging, Data processing, Data analysis, Data recording, Y(t) recorder and XY recorder. Special Features Storing Data in Offline /online mode Transmission of data to PC in Online mode via RS 232 serial interface. Optically isolated transmission from multi meter to adapter. Easy parameter setting manually and through PC Graphical analysis of data through y-t & X-Y mode
  • Voltage: 2 x 1.5 V(Battery)
  • Display: LCD-segment-display unit, 4keys
  • Communication: RS-232
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Gamma 30935 KB
  • Memory Capacity:
  • 128 KB CMOS with battery backup
  • Operating temperature:
  • 0 ºC~ 50 ºC

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