These digital multimeters are suited for universal, general applications in the electrical and electronics radio and television service, training and education Special Features Direct and alternating voltages from 100μV ... 1000 V Direct and alternating currents from 10μA ... 10.00A Resistance from 100mΩ... 60.00MΩ Capacitance from 1pF ... 40.00 mF with zero correction. Frequencies from 10.00Hz ... 10MHz Diode measurement and continuity testing Hold measurement Relative measurement Duty cycle (%) measurement Temperature measurement with K type Thermocouple Peak value measurement
  • Voltage: 2 X 1.5 V(Battery)
  • Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
  • Display: 7 segment
  • IP: IP52 for instrument and IP20 for terminals.
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  • Measuring Range:
  • V(DC):660mV~1000V V(AC):660mV~1000V A(DC):66mA~10A A(AC):66mA~10A Ω :660~66MΩ Buzzer Diod: 660 Ω,2V F :6.6nF~40mF Hz:66Hz~10MHz
  • Operating temperature:
  • 0° ~50°C
  • Battery Life:
  • for Gamma 40,50,60, 600 hrs. for VDC, ADC 300 hrs. for VAC, AAC

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