The PD8 converter allows to transmit data to the master devices through the computer network of Ethernet type, to devices equipped with the RS-485 and RS-232 interface Special Features • Enables the access to devices with RS-485 interfaces for master devices and SCADA applications through the Ethernet network. • Device configuration through any web browser. • Diff erent working modes: - TCP/IP socket, - Modbus TCP, - RealPort network service (resources connected to the computer, visible through the virtual port COM in the master computer), - UDP serial bridge (enables the connection of many parts of the MODBUS network in one whole connected through the Ethernet network). • Confi guration through USB port. • Password protection.
  • Voltage: 85~230~253 V AC/DC , 20~24~50 V AC/DC
  • Communication: RS-485,Ethernet,Modbus,USB,TCP socket,UDP
  • IP: housing: IP30,from terminal side: IP20
  • Weight: 0.2 kg
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PD8309 KB
  • Model:
  • Converter of RS-485/ethernet interfaces
  • Operating temperature:
  • -20~23~55°C
  • Frequency Range:
  • 40~50~440 Hz

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