The analog DE 35, DS 35, FM 35 meters, designed for the measurement of current, voltage & frequency in distribution, installations which utilizes 35 mm. DIN rails for equipment mounting. The mounting width is 45 mm. These meters housed in molded Polycarbonate cases are suitable for the measurement of AC current & voltage, DC current & voltage & Frequency. The moving iron meters indicate rms values practically independent of wave - form even of high harmonics. Error of indication may occur for extreme wave - forms (eg. phase getting controls) & for frequencies above 100 kHz. For the CT operated Ammeters, dials can be field fitted based on CT ratio. Frequency meters are designed to measure system frequency from 45..65 Hz with different system voltages.
  • Dimension: DE 35, DS 35, FM 35
  • Pointer Deflection: 0~ 90°
  • CT Secondary: 1/5 A
  • PT Secondary: 100V/110 V
  • IP: IP 52 case, IP 00 for terminals without protection
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Sigma Series DE,DS,FM-35 Meter595 KB
  • Measured Quantity:
  • DE 35 AC Voltage or AC current DS 35 DC Voltage or DC current FM 35 Frequency
  • Measuring Range:
  • AC Current DE 35:1~15A AC Voltage DE 35:100~600V DC current DS 35:1mA~6A DC voltage DS 35:100mV~600V
  • Frequency Range:
  • 15 ... 100 Hz (voltage) 15 ... 400 Hz (current)
  • Scales
  • Different Sizes And Color Bezels
  • Terminal Cover / Back Cover
  • Adapter Plate
  • Mounting Clamps
  • Red Pointer Kit
  • IP 65 Kit
  • Panel Windows
  • Polycarbonate Glass
  • Plotter And Accessories

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