Multifunction Meters
  • Electrometer Alpha series Consist of Multifunction Meters with the LED & LCD display.The meters are available with 1A,5A current input & upto 500 volts line to line input voltage.They are capable of Measuring important electrical parameters in 3 phase 4 Wire and 3 phase 3 Wire Network & replaces the multiple analog panel meters.Plug in modules are available for pulsed output and RS-485 output.
Digital Panel Meters
  • Electrometer Digital Panel Meters designed for industrial applications, which frequently require precise, on-site adjustment of the display range.The Beta series are programable and used for the measuremant of various parameters like AC, DC, current, voltage, Frequency & Temperature.
Transducers & Insolators
  • Electrometer Theta series consist of Current, voltage, frequency, power and multifunction transducer series witch convert the respective electrical quantity into a proportional DC voltage or current signal.
Current Transformers
  • Electrometer Omega Series Current Transformers is a range of Split core current transformers that offers a cost effective and efficient method for measuring current.
Digital Multimeters
  • Electrometer GAMMA series consists of Digital Multimeters.They are capable of measuring electrical parameters like current, voltage, Frequency, Temperature, Resistance, Diode test and continuity test of the circuit respectively.
Clamp Meters
  • Electrometer Delta series consist of Clamp Meters and clamp CT's.This meter basically used where the electric current in the conductor can be measured, without having to make physical contact with it.The meter has wide opening jaws with 180° rotational movement which makes it comfortable for the user to handle it during the measurement.
Insulation Testers
  • Electrometer Insulation Testers are Analog/Digital Insulation & continuity testers for measuring 10Kohm-1Tohm ranges with selective test voltages up to 5000V.Zeta series Insulation Testers have proven invaluable in the testing of insulation resistance measurement for industrial applications such as motors, electrical panels, cables, telecom industry, defense and many more.
Converters & Recorders
  • Electrometer Converters & Recorders are designed for measurement and recording of process and major electrical parameters which may be critical for the system and affect the process performance.Data Recorder can be retrieved for fult analysis.
Temperature Controllers
  • Electrometer Temperature Controllers are designed for precise measurement and control of sophisticated systems where precise and accurate measurement & controlling actions are required
Analog Panel Meters
  • Electrometer Analog Panel Meters are housed in a Robust case made of glass filled Polycarbonate. This light weight material falls on some other equipment.The instrument is suitable for mounting in Control Panel, Switch Boards and machine consoles even up to a wall thickness of 25mm.
Electrical Shunts
  • Electrometer Kappa Series Shunts Provide an accurate DC millivolt signal to drive ammeter indicators, overload protection and control devices, especially for higher amperage.

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