Transducers & Insolators

Electrometer Theta series consist of Current, voltage, frequency, power and multifunction transducer series witch convert the respective electrical quantity into a proportional DC voltage or current signal.

Theta 10A,10V
  • It is the transducer that converts a sinusoidal AC Current or AC Voltage into a load independent DC Current or a load independent DC Voltage proportional to the measured value.
Theta 20A,20V
  • It is used to measure and convert AC Voltage or Current input into a load independent DC current or voltage output signal.
Theta 30P
  • It is a compact, multi-function panel mount power quality monitor, which measures, calculates and displays major electrical parameters of three phase power system
Theta 40
  • This series of multi-transducers simultaneously measure several variables of an electric power system and process them to produce 2 or 3 or 4 analogue output signals. 2 or 4 digital outputs are available for signaling limits or power metering. For two of the limit outputs up to 3 measurands can be logically combined.
Theta 60R
  • The transmitter Theta 60R Converts the input variable-a signal from a resistance thermometer PT-100- to a temperature linear output signal.
  • P30O, The transducers of pulses, Frequency, Turns, Operating time
  • P30U (Transducer of Temperature & Standard Signals)
  • It Programmable Transducer of 3-Phase Power Network Parameters
  • It is the device destined for the continuous measurement and conversion of relative humidity and ambient temperature into a digital or analog standard signal. Additionally P18D transducer is equipped in LCD screen.
  • It is the Temperature & Humidity Transducer
Theta Hz
  • The transducer is used for frequency measurement. The output signal is proportional to measured frequency and is either load independent DC Current or load independent DC Voltage.
Theta 50
  • Theta 50 is used to electrically isolate input, outputs & power supply. It is all requirements & regulations concerning electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) & safety (IEC 61326-1 & IEC 61010-1-2010)
Theta 60I
  • The purpose of the isolating amplifier Theta 60I is to electrically insolate input and output signals, respectively to amplify and / or change the signal level or type (current or voltage) of the input signals.
Theta 60M
  • The universal theta 60M convert the input variable – a DC current or voltage , or a signal from a thermocouple,resistance thermometr, remote sensor or potentiometer – to a proportional analogue outpur signal. The analogue output signal is either an impressed current or superimposed voltage which is processed by other devices for purpose of displaying, recording, and/or regulating a constant. A considerable number of measuring ranges including bipolar or spread ranges are available.

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