Insulation Testers

Electrometer Insulation Testers are Analog/Digital Insulation & continuity testers for measuring 10Kohm-1Tohm ranges with selective test voltages up to 5000V.Zeta series Insulation Testers have proven invaluable in the testing of insulation resistance measurement for industrial applications such as motors, electrical panels, cables, telecom industry, defense and many more.

Zeta 20
  • Analog digital Insulation & continuity tester for measure of 10Kohm-2Gohm with selectable test voltage upto 1000V. LR measurement from 0.01-99.9 ohm & upto 600V AC/DC. Storage of Min, Max & last 50 readings. Preselectable measurement time, stop watch, fuse blow, auto power off
Zeta 30
  • It is Analog Digital Multimeter with insulation resistance measurement , which measures VAC, VDC, VAC+DC,Frequency, mA DC, mA AC+DC,Resistance, continuity, Diode, Farad, AC current measurement with clip-on sensor and insulation resistance measurement.
Zeta 50/50K
  • Zeta 50 / 50K Is used for the non-destructive measurement of insulation resistance in electrical systems, at machines, transformers and cables.

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